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Writing for businesses can rake in anywhere from $50 to $125 an hour, possibly even more! Do you want to earn some great cash writing for businesses?
Many business owners understand the importance of the need for excellent and capturing content for their various marketing and sales materials. The words on these documents help represent their business. The language needs to draw the reader in, be clear and concise. It should, most importantly, sell the impending customer on the particular business! Better yet, the copy should sway the potential customer to become a real customer by purchasing what they sell! Businesses of all sizes need well-written content written for them, from the small two-person business all the way up to the large corporations.
In the beginning, your portfolio may be pretty scarce. People who will consider hiring you want to see what you can do. A good portfolio shows them your experience and writing style. Think about what you have done in your past jobs. Have you written a press release, manual, report, newsletter, sales letter, speech or article? Add anything you have written to your portfolio. To add more work to your portfolio, try getting some pro bono work for a start-up company, charity or other organization. You could even find a graphic designer who is also in need of building a portfolio, and partner with them to approach these organizations together.
5 Ways to Write Unforgettable Business Copy:
1. Keep it Short
People have little time to spare reading on the web. It’s too easy for the reader to click away when slightly bored. Keep all business copy, especially on the web, as short and to the point as possible.
2. Use simple words
Corporate jargon will bore the reader to tears. Use simple and clear copy to keep them reading.
3. Get the Reader to Do Something
Your copy should direct the reader to take the next step. Maybe they can sign up for a free newsletter, make a phone call, send an email, etc.
4. Make a Connection
The reader should feel like an actual human wrote the copy. It should be professional, but comfortable. The reader should be put at ease by the copy, and feel as if the writer is having a conversation with them.
5. Crystal Clear
The reader should walk away with the least amount of questions possible. The copy should be clear. They should not be wondering what any of it meant.
What Businesses Need Written:
* Newsletters
* Corporate Profiles
* Brochures
* Product Reviews
* Reports
* Marketing Materials
* Business Letters
* Business Plans
* Press Releases
* Web Content
* Ad Copy
* Sales Sheets
* Case Studies
* Speeches
Business writers may also proofread and edit various materials, as well as conduct research.
Get to work creating materials to add to your portfolio and work your way up the freelance ladder to earn some great cash writing for various businesses.

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