Congress’s Future Plans Speaks Volumes of the Foreclosure Crisis

By Melanie Atherton

Congress has been working on new legislation that is designed to overhaul current financial regulations. This legislation points fingers in key critical areas across the nation’s economy.  Important for homeowners is Congress’s plans to form a new agency to crack down on deceptive mortgages and other financial products in the future.  It also aims to better protect consumers, tighten the reins on financial institutions and stop rewarding executives for taking reckless risks to fatten their quarterly earnings and bonuses.

However, while this legislation is looking to the future to prevent another financial collapse and stop deceptive practices, the homeowner is not protected from the banks right now.  Every day, the banks are misleading people who are in foreclosure with false promises of loan mods.  This is why more and more, homeowners are taking matters into their own hands.  They are coming to companies like Tila Solutions who provide complete forensic loan audits and use the results to get the banks to finally approve the loan modification.

One by one, American homeowners have fallen prey to the banks that originally mislead them with their deceptive lending practices, despite the laws that protected the borrowers. Let’s not lose sight of the fact that the banks simply chose not to follow those laws.  If they had, we wouldn’t be a nation in foreclosure today.  It becomes clear that Congress knows the problems exist otherwise they wouldn’t be forming a new agency to prevent future deceptive mortgage practices. But what does the homeowner who is losing his home do now?  Most just lose their homes.  But they do not have to.  The laws that should have protected them when the lenders issued the loan can still protect them now – if the homeowner will reach out to use those laws. Forensic loan audits will reveal what the bank did wrong and open the doors to stopping foreclosure, and finalizing a loan mod.

So why is Congress turning a blind eye to the banks as they currently lie to and mislead the homeowners? Most often done by offering loan mods to them while foreclosing on those very people they said qualified? And why are the banks continuing to turn people down in record numbers?

Could there be any truth to the concerns that many people have expressed?  Tila Solutions has received thousands of calls. The homeowner believed the bank’s “offers of help”.  They believed it when the lender said they did not have to address the foreclosure process (that it was just a formality or a way for the lender to stay on top of the file.  They believed their lender when he said that they could work directly with the lender and get the loan modified) which would automatically bring the foreclosure to a stop. Sadly, far too many of them found that actually yes, the foreclosure did stop:  when the lender auctioned off their home.

What would have happened if a homeowner had known that his lender deceived him with the original loan?  Would have been so likely to blindly trust that the lender really wasn’t going to auction off his home (even though the lender’s attorney firm provided him with an auction date) and was going to give him a loan mod?  Probably not. Do you think the homeowner would have had the courage and wisdom to get his loan investigated?

Many homeowners are doing just that now. The attitude today is to stop trusting the bank.  And it comes as no surprise: Countless forensics audits have been done, and consistently they reveal the same thing:  Banks ignored the laws: the violations are found in the loan.  Foreclosure doesn’t have to end in a disqualification for loan mod and an auction date.  In fact, with the use of Forensic Loan Audits, homeowners are saving their homes?  The lender stopped foreclosure because he actually took the homeowner seriously and got him the loan mod.

Forensic Loan Audits has been the only thing consistently saving more homes than any other approach. When homeowners get a forensic loan audit done all the TILA, RESPA, HOEPA and ECOA violations are found and revealed.  Fraud is also found in 79% of the loans that forensics are conducted on.  When people contact Tila Solutions, they get not only a forensic loan audit, but also a free negotiations service.  A Tila negotiator provides the results of that audit to the lender and real negotiations get underway.  More homes have been saved from foreclosure with the use of a forensic loan audit than any other way currently known.  The laws that prevented deceptive lending practices do exist. They existed at the time the bankers went on a free-for-all, carelessly lending money and misleading homeowners. There is no need to be in foreclosure, The federal laws can help you.

Tila Consultants help countless homeowners each month, determining if there is any way that the federal laws which currently do exist can help bring an end to the current deceptive practices that lenders are involved in.  A Tila Solutions Consultant can be found by visiting the website at or by calling 1 –  702  – 508  – 0335.

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