Copywriting Tips – 3 Killer Copywriting Tips For Beginners

If you’re brand new to the world of copywriting, these three tips will improve your sales copy at least 100%. I had to find all this out through a lot of trial and error and some intense study. So consider yourself lucky that I’m probably going to save you months of work, if not more. So sit back and relax. You’re about to get a million dollar education for free.
Tip number 1 is study the sales copy of what is out there and doing well. Ah, but how do you know what sales pages are doing well? There is so much sales copy out on the Internet there is just no way to tell what sales pages are selling and what pages aren’t doing squat. Well, here’s a shortcut that you can take. Go to the Clickbank marketplace and do a search in each of the categories for the top selling products. Regardless of whether the products are good or bad, the reason they’re selling is because of the copy. Study each sales page and make a note of how they’re constructed. You’ll save yourself six months of study right there.
Tip number 2 is work on your headline harder than any other part of your sales copy. Why do I say this? Because statistics show that your headline is going to bring in about 80% of your sales. In other words, if your headline stinks, you’re going to lose 80% of your income. The reason for this is because when a headline is really good, it forces the prospect to read the rest of the copy. If your headline is dull or lackluster, the prospect may not even make it to the first paragraph. So slave over your headlines until they are to die for.
Tip number 3 is to close with a call to action that doesn’t say something lame like “You can get your copy by clicking on the link below.” That is NOT going to get people to buy the product you’ve written the sales copy for. You have to say something like what I have on one of MY sales pages. It goes like this…
Okay… You’ve Convinced Me!
Yes! I Want 30 Niches Handed To Me On A Silver Platter!
No! I Don’t Want To Pay $100,000 For This Info!
Yes! I Want To Be Earning In Days!
And Yes…You Are Crazy…But I Want This Anyway!
That is how you have to close. You have to put the words into their mouth that they WANT what you have to offer.
Follow these three tips and your conversions will increase by 100%.
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