Copywriting Tips – 3 Sure Fire PS Tips

Why do most beginning copywriters think that the PS is an afterthought and can be discarded like yesterday’s news? The PS, if used effectively, can be one of the hottest selling points in your sales copy. The problem is, many new writers don’t know how to effectively use this tool. Well, the article you’re about to read is going to provide you with 3 sure fire PS tips that will greatly increase the effectiveness of your sales letter. Keep reading to find out what they are.
The first tip is probably the most important. It’s the reminder. Prospects have very short memories when they read your sales letter. They don’t remember the main points past five minutes…if that long. That’s why the first and most important part of your PS should be to remind them of the key points, whatever they are. Maybe one of them is that the offer is only good for a limited time. Maybe it’s to remind them that the price goes up on a certain date. By including these vital items in your PS, you give your prospect one last nudge from being a prospect to becoming a paying customer. So remember to recap the important points of your offer.
Aside from a reminder you can use your PS for a little humor. Many prospects will come down to the PS right away because they’re what we call “skimmers” and can’t be bothered with reading copy. So you could say something in your PS like, “You’re down here already? Hey, you gotta read the copy first. I can’t recap the whole thing in a few lines LOL.” You have to be careful when using humor. Certainly you have to know your audience. This doesn’t always work, but with the right target market, it can really break the tension of the selling process. The Rich Jerk used things like, “What, you’re looking for more? There IS no more. You either got it or you didn’t.” He was very successful with this approach.
Finally, there is telling the prospect something that you didn’t cover at all in your sales copy, such as introducing an additional bonus. This is very effective and in many cases can be just the thing to push the prospect over the edge. Surprises in the PS are a great tactic.
By using these three tactics, you can turn YOUR post script into more than just that. You can turn it into a sales tool that makes more sales from people who are on the fence about your product.
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