Copywriting Tips – Give The Prospect What He Wants

This is not rocket science folks. Think about yourself as a customer. When you visit a sales page online, what are you looking for? What is it that sets off your hot buttons, either good or bad? What will make you buy? What will make you close up that sales page quicker than a man running away from a killer tornado coming straight for his home? Believe it or not, you’re no different from anybody else arriving at a sales page looking for a product that will provide a solution to their problem. But in case you need to be reminded, this article will share with you the basic things YOU need to do in order to give the prospect what he wants.
The first think you need to do is provide the prospect with a brief summary of his problem. Yes, he needs to be reminded why he’s there…not because he has a bad memory or anything like that, but because you need to make him aware of his pain right at that moment. He needs to feel it as he is there so that it becomes even more urgent that he solves the problem.
The next thing you have to do is assure him that there is a solution to his problem. Empathize with the prospect. Reassure him that he’s not alone and he’s not without hope. You have to do this because you’ve just pretty much done all you can do to make him feel like garbage. The last thing you want to do is leave him with that feeling. It doesn’t make for a good sales tactic.
After you’ve reassured him, you need to then show him the solution. You need to explain why and how it’s a solution and how it’s better than anything else out there. You need to focus on the benefits of the solution. The prospect needs to know exactly what he will get out of your product. He needs to feel confident that if he makes the purchase that his problem is going to be solved.
Naturally, the last thing you need to do is close the deal. Now the prospect doesn’t really want this, but this is something that you must do if you’re going to make that sale. See, unless you tell the prospect straight out that he’d be foolish to pass this up (doing it as professionally as you can) he is likely to still walk away saying to himself, “I can wait another day” or “My problem really isn’t so bad.” People are funny that way. Sometimes you have to remind them that their problem WON’T go away unless they take action TODAY.
Like I said, this isn’t rocket science. If you examine everything I outlined in this article, you’ll see that it’s pretty much what you yourself want when you go to buy anything.
Give the prospect what he wants and you’ll make the sale.
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