Do I Need a Forensic Loan Review If I Am Not in Foreclosure?

When a homeowner is rejected for a loan modification by his lender, a Forensic Loan Review is the critical first step that he or she should take to resolve the situation. A homeowner does not have to wait until he needs to stop foreclosure to get a Loan Audit done. In fact, the wise homeowner does not approach his lender to request a loan mod until he has his forensic loan audit completed.

A Forensic Loan Audit helps with commercial loans as well as a residential loan. If you have been turned down for a loan mod then contact a Tila Solutions Consultant. You do not have to wait to do an audit as a means to stop foreclosure. Get it before foreclosure even begins! If you are nearing or are in foreclosure, a Tila Consultant can help. They can also help people who are current on their loans or those with investment properties.

There is a homeowner hotline at Tila Solutions that you can call. Their consultants will interview you and help you identify whether or not you should get your loan investigated. Some reports are saying that as many as 6 million homeowners today have a predatory loan. A Tila Solutions Consultant can help you determine if your loan is in need of a Forensic Loan Audit. They can help you determine if the Forensic Audit may help stop foreclosure, avoid foreclosure or just ensure that you do get that loan mod.

Banks operate to make money and they treat you well as long as you are helping them to make money. If you aren’t, then you are “not their kind of client”. The only relationship you ever will have with the bank is based upon how well you give them the money that you agreed to. The lender does not consider any financial hardship as a good reason to give you a loan modification-mostly they ask for a “hardship letter” to see if you have recovered and thus maybe give them money again. Their only interest is in seeing the loan they gave you resulting in a monthly payment made on time.

What is interesting is that a violation-free loan, normally can withstand any hard times you may experience during the life of the loan.

Tila Solutions is an Audit Company that investigates loans. If you have a predatory loan, you will need a Forensic Loan Audit. If you feel that there was any kind of “oddities” or pressuring to get you into that loan, then you should have it audited.

A Mortgage Audit also called a Forensic Loan Review or Forensic Loan Audit is an actual investigation or a detailed examination of the loan that the lender created issued to you. The audit is done to find all the Federal Laws that the banker violated.

There is a large body of laws that were passed to help prevent you from getting a predatory loan – which is a loan that heads you straight to foreclosure. Do you remember the day you got your loan? Do you recall reference to TILA, RESPA, HOEPA and ECOA? These are the laws that guide lenders and ensure they give you a loan that is in your best interest – they help prevent you from getting a predatory loan. They make sure you understand what you are getting before you sign, and give you a choice to rescind. Also, Tila Examiners often find fraud in these loans.

Tila Solutions Examiners will methodically go through your loan and locate all the violations and as you can imagine, your lender then loses much firepower against you! He no longer has the ability to pursue other money-making routes if the loan contains federal violations or fraud.

Once the Forensic Loan Audit is completed, you need somebody on your side who can get something done with it! Some lenders, who often seem to operate above the law, have actually told homeowners that the Forensics will do them no good and that the homeowners just wasted their money! This is completely false. There are thousands of reports of bankers pushing borrowers around and misleading them all over the internet – Tila Negotiators know how to get you the best possible result and avoid all those misconceptions.

That is why Tila Solutions offers a free service to help negotiate new terms on your behalf you’re your investigation is completed.

Homeowners cannot forget that it was their lenders who lied to them when they gave them the loan, and it is their lenders who are still lying to them. Tila Negotiators work on behalf of the homeowner to make sure that you get your loan modification.

You can save your home with a Forensic Loan Review! Call a Tila Solutions Consultant at 1 — 7 0 2 — 5 0 8 – 0 3 3 5. The Tila Solutions website is amassed with information and solutions. Visit for a Forensic Loan Audit and the free negotiation service offered by Tila Solutions.

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