Illegal Foreclosures are Opening Loan Mod Doors

Let’s take a look at some of the more common illegal foreclosures:

  • The lender who is foreclosing on you is not the lender on your deed of trust.  This is ok if all the proper assignments are recorded.  Of course, the lenders set up MERS and very few loans have the proper chain of title.  If this has happened to you, then you need to consider getting a Securitization audit to track the deed of trust, and to track the note.  You could just possibly save your home! Here’s one of the key reasons why homeowners are now demanding a Securitization Audit.  It is a new day.  The Homeowner had first the laws of TILA, RESPA, HOEPA and ECOA on his side – and Forensic Audits proved that the banks lied to the homeowners when they gave the loans.  But now again, they lie when they foreclose on his home.  There’s an audit to empower homeowners with the laws of the land once again.  That’s the Securitization Audit.
  • Was your foreclosure started with just your note?  Did they fail to include the deed of trust?  Did the lender who started the foreclosure own both the note and the deed?  Again, if these two documents are not properly recorded, kept together and utilized by the rightful owner, then you could be suffering through an illegal foreclosure.  A securitization audit is the way to find out.
  • Robo-signers or “The Burger King Kids”:  By now, we all know that the big banksters have admitted to some “paperwork” errors.  Cat’s out of there bag there folks.  Are you going to trust that the lying loan-sharking lenders who worked in cahoots with foreclosure mill attorneys have now “corrected” everything.  I should hope not.  Better get your own independent Securitization Audit to ensure that you are not the unwitting victim of property thieves.
  • Predatory Loans:  Loans that wipe you out financially, and were designed to do so from the onset – they consume far more of your income than is allowed, there were often bait and switch tactics used to get the homeowner into the loan, huge kickbacks to brokers, high interest rates, adjustable interest rates, the list goes on and on and on.  And it is these types of violations that bring real hope to the homeowners when he gets his loan audited.  This is the Forensic Loan Document Review.  It is the audit that investigates all the federal laws that protect you, not just the more commonly known ones.
  • There are many homeowners today that are suffering with both predatory loans and illegal or predatory foreclosures.  Muster up the power you have to protect yourself and turn this situation around.  Show the lender a forensic loan audit and a securitization audit and watch him start to finally negotiate.  You may even find that your foreclosure just sort of “disappears”.  Put the ball back in your court.

You do not have to be victimized or stolen from. You can take this situation and turn it around.  You can save your home.

Tila Solutions Consultants can help you determine what services you need and they also have negotiations services to help you get loan modifications.  If you plan on taking your lender to court, their examiners provide telephone testimony for your lawsuit.  Most people just want the problem solved the fastest way possible, which is giving the lender the opportunity to use loan modification to fix the problem.

Stop your illegal foreclosure, get your loan modified and save your home.  Tila Solutions is there to help you.  To find out about their services, call them at (702) 508-0335.  Learn more about the work this company is doing at  It is a whole new day dawning for the homeowner.

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