Landmark Forum – Beyond the Controversy

Recently, Landmark forum has been mired in controversies surrounding its nature and functions. There are numerous conspiracy theories doing the rounds. Some claim Landmark Education are an educational cult that do massive propaganda and brainwashing through their Landmark Forum program. Some say landmark education are a bit too hyped – up an organization who just fabricate all the participants’ success stories.

But, if we keep our objectivity intact and see beyond all these controversies, we will see that there are also a lot of positive stories about the Landmark Forum. For every immature scribe who hasn’t bothered to do much research and has just copiously inked pages to produce a sensational potboiler, there is a mature ands responsible scribe who has gone to the depth of the matter and investigated landmark forum thoroughly.

Amelia Hill from The Observer is one such journalist. Having heard so many controversies surrounding the Landmark Forum, Ms Hill decided to take the plunge herself. She enrolled herself for the Landmark forum program at Landmark education, and set out in the search for truth. In the beginning, Amelia’s view was a bit coloured by all the negative stories surrounding landmark Forum and she honestly thought that it was a hoax organization, claiming to teach fancy things and just duping people of their money. She didn’t even like the strict regimen required for the three day course – not taking any toilet breaks, working for 3 – 4 hours at a stretch, not communicating with anyone from the outer world, etc.

The most bizarre and rather scary part, she thought was to sit in front of 200 – 300 people and be vociferous and interactive! Ms Hill thought that Landmark forum encouraged the exercise of washing one’s dirty linen in public and made the participants forcefully do it. However, as the Landmark forum course progressed, ms Hill saw her prejudices gradually melting. When she saw participants around her in emotional outbursts, calling up their loves ones and making up for all the past misunderstandings, she thought that landmark Forum indeed led people to a very intense self – scrutiny.

In the article she confesses that for a long time, she had deliberately kept herself immune to learning, as it were. She argues that the tendency of such a society to keep emotions bottled up all the time and to feel constantly embarrassed about literally everything they feel finds a strong threat through Landmark forum. And, that’s why the urge to resist such a forum and call it intrusive. But when people let themselves loose, and get rid of their usual bottled up selves, do they realise how miserable their lives are and Landmark forum just aids a very intense, almost violent catharsis. And, towards the end of the article, Amelia Hill confesses that though for a long time she kept herself out of the whole process, she too felt herself breaking down by the end of it. That is, she let go of the barriers and found the courage to tackle her emotional demons, head on.


Roger is the author of this article on Landmark Education.
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