Mobile Application Development – Web or Native

Today’s computing technology has changed in many folds. Now computing does not merely mean using desktop and laptops for executing regular operations but you can also use handheld devices like smartphone and tablet for the same purpose. With help of specific applications, you can use these devices to perform a variety of tasks, access internet resources and send and receive data. Technology is advancing and it is no doubt that the market of custom mobile app development is growing too. However, people might be confusing with two mobile app development variants. Enterprises, before hiring mobile software developers, ask whether they should choose web mobile application development or they should still go with native mobile application development.
Market ruled by diverse customer base
Diversity is clearly visible in service and product provision and it further hints that most of the app developments projects are aimed at user-end devices. This force is driving developers to become more focused on native or mobile based apps to fight with stiff competition and stay ahead of rivals in the market. This competition has also made it compulsory for brands to keep an upgraded and updated presence in the market. They need to update technologies to embrace the latest ones. It is one solid ground to build new mobile applications. It further ensures that mobile application development service providers realize utmost profits from their online marketing. It is constant that all manufacturers and marketers want to target one group: the customers. As a result, companies tend to use such marketing strategies that can forever keep the customers with a particular brand. A web based application does not guarantee targeted audience but a mobile based or native app does it.
Consumer Specific Applications
Consumer is the king of market and marketers have found that internet has become a major medium to get consumers and to market products. It is a fact the mobile device based apps provide targeted audience that can further be turned into customers. Web applications are good but they still do not deliver the functionalities and performance as native or mobile based apps do. And if users have slow data connection, using a web application is a pain. Many popular web based platforms have now turned into a pure app or an app with embedded web pages.
Mobile devices, especially smartphones and tablets, are just not an alternative to desktop but in many cases they are delivering more productivity then desktop. Whether it an individual user or a corporate user, nobody finds reason to ignore smartphones and tablets and things that accelerate the market of smartphones and tablets are of course mobile applications.

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