Predatory Loans, Predatory Servicers, Predatory Foreclosures

For some time now the nation has been abuzz with the knowledge that more than 6 million loans issued over the past decade are predatory.  Almost every homeowner who has attempted to work directly with his servicer to get their loan cleaned up (modified) has found that they’ve been lied to, stalled, cheated, mislead, and then foreclosed upon.  Thus the Lenders have been labeled as predatory servicers.  Now it has come to light that the foreclosure of these loans is also nothing but a pack of lies.  Those are the predatory foreclosures.  Tila Solutions has been using Forensic Loan Reviews or Forensic Loan audits for quite some time now to show the federal violations in loans and save homes.  The use of forensics has been a powerful resource to stop foreclosure.

There’s a sheriff in the Midwest who will no longer evict people from their homes after the bank has foreclosed.  He just flat refuses to uproot good people who were preyed upon and lost their homes to fraudulent foreclosures.  He seems to think that the banks need to operate with some level of truth before he should remove a person.  That Sheriff is probably a real hero.  He’s not mincing ideas or soft peddling actions.  Prove to him that the lender followed the law and if they did then he’ll do his job.  If they didn’t he won’t.  That proof can also be used to prevent foreclosure.  When Tila Solutions uses Securitization Audits or Forensic Loan Audits – they provide the proof of the illegal acts committed by lenders.

Now let’s stop calling things by “nice” names.  Let’s all be a bit bolder and bit more willing to fight for what not only is right, but what is ours.

Predatory Loan – what is it really?  It is a loan that violates federal laws and guidelines.  That’s right, it is a law breaker.  TILA, RESPA, HOEPA, ECOA, Bank Fraud (which has a statute of limitations of ten years by the way), and OCC & FDIC violations – these are laws and regulations that banks are supposed to follow.  Some Banker or Broker wrote that illegal loan, and got you to sign it.  That in itself is often a fraudulent act.  How do you know if your loan is a lawbreaker?  You get Tila Solutions to investigate it.  They’ll give you the proof.

Now let me ask you this, what happens if you knowingly or unknowingly break a law?  Let’s say driving while under the influence:  Are you called a Predatory Drinker, slapped on the hand, given money to fix your problem, told to fix it, then told to try harder?  No, in fact you are charged, given a record, suffer severe penalties, pay out large sums of money, and identified clearly in every system as a criminal (“he has a record”).

So predatory loans are illegal loans.  They were issued by people who broke the laws.  They are being serviced by people who break, bend, manipulate and ignore the laws – starting with insisting on taking your money from you based upon an illegal contract that they insist is legal.  (“No, I’m not dddrrrunk,” slurred the drunk as he headed toward his car.)  Predatory Servicers are, in fact, no better than some mafia group or street gang.  No respect for the law, the rights of homeowners, or those who run the country.  They’re nothing more than thieves.

Predatory Foreclosures are just plain and simple Illegal Foreclosures.

This becomes quite simple:  The loan was illegal.  The servicing of the loan was illegal.  The actual procedures followed to seize the property were illegal!

Why?  Well first it all goes back to the illegal contract.  But then the lenders ignored the laws (once again) and sold them without proper paper trails, recordings, etc.  They often sold them into trusts that now don’t even exist.  They sold them in bits and pieces, and they set up a company to do all their bidding:  MERS.  MERS itself is a corporation that has clouded clear title in our country on more than 6 million loans.  They made the whole “behind the scenes” so confusing and untraceable that for the longest time people (and well educated ones at that) were confused over the intricate details.

So why are you worried that the lender is going to take your home?  Because you still don’t realize that he can’t.  That’s where Tila Solutions comes in.  By now every homeowner in America has probably begun to realize that lenders break laws whenever it serves their own needs.  It will take years to unravel every mess they’ve made, and congress, Attorneys General and the courts will work to solve these issues for much longer than you have to save your home.  One-by-one Tila solutions stops foreclosures and saves homes.  Securitization Audits and Forensic Audits are the tools used to stop foreclosures and save homes.

Banks are not above the law, but will try to operate as if they are.  You don’t have to take that anymore!  A Tila Solutions Consultant is available for people by telephone at (702) 508-0335.  Or you can visit the Tila Solutions website at  They will help you and your family.  They are on your side.

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