The miracle of nature or work of man?

Currently, they are implanted into the human organism in order to reproduce the natural function of the organ. They can also take the role of “substitute” to eliminate the visible signs of imperfection. Most are used as a substitute for hard tissue. Speech, of course, irreplaceable implanty Wroclaw. Most implants used in place of the bones or joints. They are often carried out operations prosthesis implantation (implant, whose mission is to help replace lost or functions) of the hip. Fewer operations are the implantation of endoprostheses other joints. However, the most popular dental implants. Their task is to replace a lost tooth. Most systems include: Dentsply Friadent, Straumann, Nobel Biocare and Astra Tech. The implantation process can be divided into two phases: phase (assumption prosthetic housing at the same time as the implant) and biphasic (setting the implant at a later time. Depending on the location of the tooth this time is in the range of 3 to 6 months). Currently, dentistry and implantology dental Wroclaw based on osseointegration. Implant Technique coverage also includes reconstruction of bones, for example, by raising the sinus surgery. The procedure requires the use of the material kościozastępczego or sometimes the bone. It is worth noting that this material is also a kind of implant. Without the benefit of these treatments, in principle, it is not possible implants to people who suffer from osteoporosis or advanced periodontal disease. Implants are also known in aesthetic surgery. Know best about the women who undergo breast augmentation surgery. Silicone breast implants are also popular among women who have lost their breast due to cancer. The human body is becoming a new modification hence the term also refers to a subcutaneous implant or implants in intimate places. It is worth noting that such treatments do not always carry a certified specialist.


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