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IPhone is not only a communicator but a phenomenal experience. It’s just like a palm-sized computer which also doubles up as a cell phone. iPhone has great capacities and technological advancement which places it amongst the top few mobile devices. It has applications with which you can do unlimited uses possible while being out of your office or home or being on the move. A few are discussed here:

Full Screen browser

Full screen browser gives you a clutter free web browsing experience. It renders screen free of virtual free of buttons, address or status bar to give you an unhindered browsing.


This iPhone application helps in efficient Task Management. You can create your schedule for the coming weeks and weeks in this app.

Color expert

An interactive color wheel and image setter for the iPhone, includes, monochromatic, analogues, and color schemes.


This iPhone app is a powerful Twitter client offering variety of features. It can handle multiple twitter accounts. All your work offline is synchronized as soon as you go online.


This iPhone application allows users to secretly and securely save their passwords.


This is an amazing iPhone app with which you can measure an object by simply placing it on or next to screen of iPhone.

Read it later

This iPhone app lets you download and save pages while online to read later in offline mode.

Cliqcliq colors

Cliqcliq colors are an innovative iPhone app for converting and managing colors and pallets.


It’s an online backup service, used on iPhone. Access dropbox, view docs, videos or photo-galleries, share and send files on email.


This app lets edit photos with the accompanying effects. Set camera as per image size, behavior, cropping and panorama.

Mint statistics

You can monitor hits to your sites and study the website’s statistics to study target clientele’s behavior pattern.

Web developer bible

Web Developer Bible is a ready reference as its contains RGB to HEX color converter aided by
silent Mode Reminder and Vedic Mathematics.

JQuery Cheat Sheet

jQuery Cheat Sheet is a course refresher of syntax and arguments .

WhatThe Font

WhatTHEFont is a very useful iPhone application to identify the fonts in a photo or web graphic. Just take a snap of the font you want and this app will identify the font and apply it.


iWiki helps the iPhone user in reading and browsing Wikipedia on the offers 32 language.

It is a fact that iPhone is a mini-computer device with communication-facilities. It can be rightly said that it also acts as a phone along with other usage.

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