Why Are You Listening to Your Lender?

Looking around on the internet, one very clear statement comes across – Lenders lie to homeowners.  Why are you listening to your lender?  The most common lie is that the lender really wants to help you, and is working on a loan mod for you, but actually he is just stalling while he waits for the foreclosure to complete.

Tila Solutions saves homeowners from these lies every day.  Tila Solutions conducts forensic loan reviews for homeowners. Tila then helps them get a loan mod, using those results to show the lender that he has given the homeowner a predatory loan. The forensic audit shows that there are numerous TILA and RESPA violations (and often there is fraud) in the loan.

You can find thousands of stories online that show what is happening to homeowners.

The lie: “We are working on a loan mod for you.”

The truth: “We are foreclosing on you and expect that you will be stupid enough to ignore the foreclosure proceedings waiting for the loan mod that will never come.”

Here’s an example of the lies from Rip Off Report (a small excerpt only) – as far back as 2002!

“My loan was assigned to Chase in February of 2002. Chase contacted me in December of 2003 offering me a loan modification. This sounded good to me because I was struggling due to a horrible payment plan they offered me when I had fallen behind in May of 2003 due to an illness. At that time, they took me from paying $710 to $1,310. In hindsight, this is when I should have gotten an attorney involved.

“I was given the particulars of my new “loan modification” by a Chase representative and was waiting to receive the papers to sign. I waited six months! I called and I called and I called again. I finally called a lawyer. Once Chase received his letter, they responded to me. They responded by telling me that they would not give me the modification that “I” had requested, and that I should find a way to either pay off my entire loan or get financing elsewhere. I was in shock!

“Little did I know, this was only the beginning. What Chase failed to tell me was that, while I was waiting for my loan modification papers, they had commenced foreclosure proceedings against me.”  Phyllis Riverdale, New York

Here’s another:

“My complaint concerns the Loan Modification that I’ve been dealing with BofA and BAC Home Loans since October of 2009 to help me with my Mortgage payments.”

“My home equity loan was with BOA for 4 years. When BAC took over and talked to me about their Loan Modification Program, they started splitting my payment letting me pay only half of my mortgage. In the meantime, BAC will be looking into my loan to see if I qualify for a Loan Modification. I sent in all the requested docs, never make a Late Payment, and now after six months BAC is telling me that I have not been accepted into the program and I have to pay the full amount of $16, 051.01 by April, 24 2010 (They NEVER mentioned that if I do not qualify I have to pay whatever the full amount is by he time that they finish the paperwork) They are not giving me the chance for a repayments plan. I looks to me that they are trying to force me out to pay this amount if not I am going to lose my house! I need someone to help us. We have no other choice but to send this letter to everyone to know about this after they told us and told us that we would get help!”

Today, many homeowners contact Tila Solutions looking for a solution to get their lender to stop disqualifying them, and stop the foreclosure process on them.  Through the use of Forensic Loan Audits, Tila Solutions does just that.  First they investigate.  Then they negotiate.

Thousands of homeowners are stuck in predatory loans today.  It was actually the first round of lies from the lender – “these are good loans, and you can always refi in a year or so.”  No they were loans that put you on the road to foreclosure the moment you signed the documents and the lenders knew it!

There are several federal laws that protect borrowers.  A Tila Solutions Investigation locates the laws the lender violated, and uses that information to get the lender to give you a loan mod.  You can find out more about Forensic Loan audits and predatory loans at tila-y.com .

You do not have to let the bank rip you off.  Just contact a Tila Solutions Consultant.  They can help you.  Tila Solutions uses loan Forensics to locate all the federal laws that were violated when the lender gave you the loan. Contact a Tila Solutions Consultant at 1 – 702 – 508 – 0335 or visit their website at http://www.tila-y.com/ . They can help you – often when nobody else can.

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