Why invest in a new apartment?

Deciding to buy their own homes, often begins by reviewing search ads on the secondary market. Often it starts from the wrong assumption that a flat or house used to be cheaper than the latest real estate. It turns out, however, that the apartment from the developer can be very tempting prices. For example, depending on where they are placed , the developer can significantly lower the price. First of all, in the big cities formed new settlements on the outskirts of the city, and access to the center requires a lot of time. Reduced prices and big discounts can be a real incentive to purchase such housing.
It is also good to look at real estate in the primary and secondary market from a different angle. The price that the buyer bears are not only the same amount paid for the purchase of an apartment. It should also expect additional costs to be incurred during the operation of the premises. Apartments from the developer almost immediately are ready to live in and do not require any additional financial contribution. In the case of premises used, you should find out if you do not have to be in the near future to carry out its repair or even replace the system. Sometimes wrongly ignored legal issues associated with home buying.
Deciding to buy a new apartment, the developer completes all formalities. In the case of second-hand housing, the buyer has to take care of myself to check if the property is not encumbered with such a mortgage and whether or not they have the rights to others. For any oversight on these issues can be unnecessarily overpay and thus used home may be even more expensive than a new apartment from the developer.

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